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We enable Artists to perform online and audiences to discover, spectate and support their performances.

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About us

Art Hub seeks to transform the relationship between artists, art venues and audiences forever by creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that will complement traditional live performances as we have known them this far.

It emerged as a solution for artists during the COVID-19 – but quickly developed into a long-term project. It was ideated and brought to life during the EUvsVirus Hackathon.

We are team of twelve people with different skills, backgrounds and... located across 10 time zones! We were brought together by our interest to convert fear and negative energy presented by the virus in hope and new opportunities bouncing back from COVID-19 resilience into a dimension of "transilience" which will transform the Live Art & Entertainment industry forever.

So, what are you waiting to join our movement? Sign-up to one of the upcoming live performances or register as an artist to create your own events!

With Love From Art Hub Live

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Paolo Stratta 
Founder of Cirko Vertigo and President of ACCI

An extraordinary opportunity for artists and theaters to give an incredible boost to their audiences without the complexity of infrastructure nor bureaucratic costs


Caterina Mochi Sismondi
Director and Founder of Theatrical Dance BlucinQue, Artistic Director of the Café Müller

I would have never imagined to feel such emotion through a live performance on a screen.  The rendering of the event and the direct relation with the audience, despite the physical distance.. it gave the performance something more, something new