Art Hub

Connecting Art, Artists and Audiences

Art Hub seeks to transform the relationship between artists, art venues and audiences forever by creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that will complement traditional live performances as we have known them this far.

It emerged as a solution for artists during the COVID-19 – but quickly developed into a long-term project. It was ideated and brought to life during the EUvsVirus Hackathon.

Art Hub acts as a virtual marketplace providing the space for artists and audiences to connect, schedule and pay for live performances and events. Artists, Theaters and audiences can create an entire new marketplace, scalable globally across cultures and national borders opening up markets that were previously thought unimaginable.

We hope Art Hub opens up and nourishes new meaningful interactions and relationships between artist and audience, which while not physical will be direct, interactive and emotional.

In addition, Art Hub is carbon-neutral and a percentage of every transaction is put towards funding a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) related project chosen by the artist directly. Thus, Art Hub not only supports social cohesiveness through local tradition and culture but all SDGs!

So, what are you waiting to join our movement? Sign-up to one of the upcoming live performances or register as an artist to create your own events!

With Love From Art Hub

Our Team

We are team of twelve people with different skills, backgrounds and... located across 10 time zones! We were brought together by our interest to convert fear and negative energy presented by the virus in hope and new opportunities bouncing back from COVID-19 resilience into a dimension of "transilience" which will transform the Live Art & Entertainment industry forever.

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